17 for ’17 – Tips from 17 Colorado Instructors

Compression Session 

Golf ball compression tipsGolf ball compression tips

Golf is a game of opposites. When the golf ball rests on the ground, we hit down on it to make it go up. Swinging down so that the divot is after the golf ball produces backspin with the correct loft on the club and results in a good shot with the correct distance.

 So how do we do this?By compressing the ball with the club head and not trying to lift it into the air, As in the photo(s), you can see the club head lags behind my hands and my body, and does not catch up to my hands until impact or just after. If you start the downswing with the club head moving first, it catches up to the hands too soon. It may be counter-intuitive, but with a little practice you can master it.

 Sherry Andonian-Smith,

LPGA and PGA Class A Professional,
Valley Country Club, Centennial