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How Low Can You Go?

Tips for low ball flight

When confronting windy conditions or “jail” in the form of tree branches, you need to keep the ball down. Since the club controls the ball, the very best way to keep the ball down is by employing a club with less loft. Sound simple? It is.

Just pick the club that fits the trajectory of the shot needed. Narrow your stance slightly maintain your normal full swing balance, and practice hitting shots on the range with two to three more clubs than you usually need. For example, grip a 4-iron at the same length on the shaft as a 6-iron and try and hit it the distance of a 6. Pay attention to the trajectory and the ½ to ¾ swing length and speed it takes to hit the ball shorter distance with the longer club. This smoother shorter swing will create a shallower swing path, creating lower trajectory and less spin—all of which are needed to cheat the wind and keep the ball low.

Doug Wherry, PGA Director of Golf,
Jake’s Academy, Lone TreeTips for low ball flight