17 for ’17 – Tips from 17 Colorado Instructors

“Quiet” Your Head

Quiet your head golf tip

Want more consistency in your shots? “Quiet” your head! I’m not talking about your thoughts; I’m talking about the head movement during your swing.Imagine trying to hammer a nail or write your signature while your head is moving side to side or up and down. When your head is “noisy”—moving up and down or side-to-side—consistently striking the ball on the sweet spot is very difficult. Up and down movements of your head often cause contact inconsistencies, such as fat and thin shots. Lateral movements of your head can lead to shots heading left and right.

As you can see in the swing sequence, my head stays “quiet.” I like to picture my nose staying in the same place relative to the golf ball… from address until after the ball has left the clubface. If your nose starts moving, your shots start wandering. Try this on the range first! It may feel very different from what you are used to.

Geoff Greig, PGA Professional and Founder, EVOSwing Golf, CommonGround Golf Course, Aurora