A man prepares to hit a shot out of the bunker

GOLFTEC: Ground Your Club in the Sand for this Drill–You Won’t be Penalized

Become a master in the bunker by using this simple drill in the sand where grounding your club is encouraged.

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Keep your head down GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: The WORST Advice in Golf? Keep Your Head Down

No, we’re not kidding and yes, keeping your head down throughout the swing does hurt your performance.

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Tips for tournament play from GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: Tips For Tournament Play From Coach Matt Lohmeyer

GOLFTEC Coach & 2019 Northern Texas PGA Player of the Year, Matt Lohmeyer, shares three quick tips to help everyone during tournament play.

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A tool used to help you find your perfect putting stroke

GOLFTEC: Find Your Perfect Putting Stroke

Become more consistent on the greens by perfecting the length of your putting backstroke.

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Putting drill from GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: 3 Skills to Help You Improve Your Putting

Sharpen up your putting with this one drill that hits every area needed to be a proficient putter.

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A golfer practices his putting stroke.

GOLFTEC: Never Leave Putts Short Again

Never leave a putt short again by ingraining this simple drill into your practice routine.

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A golfer picks out a landing zone for his approach shot on the green.

GOLFTEC: Find the Perfect Landing Zone for Every Approach Shot

Get up and down for par, or even birdie, by finding the exact landing area on your approach shots.

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GOLFTEC: Achieve that Swing Change with a Practice Structure

Implementing a swing change is easier than you’d think – it all comes down to a practice structure.

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