Table tennis face path

GOLFTEC: Fixing Your Slice With… Table Tennis?

Understanding why you hit a slice is the first step to overcoming that most unwanted ball flight

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Demonstrating Wrist Bends

Understanding Wrist Bends In Your Golf Swing

Not Just A Tip, But The Cure For More Consistency!

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Pros vs Joes: how hip turn can increase distance

Studying how this Movement Directly Correlates to More Power

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Dee Tidwell demonstrates sandbag squats

The Big Three

How to SQUAT, LUNGE SQUAT, LUNGE and DEADLIFT your way to tour-level swing speeds

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rotate stretch picture two

3 Keys to Hitting Bombs

To hit it further, flexibility, balance and strength play critical roles.

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Diagram of Cherry Creek Country Club Second Hole approach shot

Know Your Distances to Go the Distance

Using a launch monitor and rangefinder can dial in club selection and improve course management.

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Escape any Plugged Bunker Shot With Confidence

Conquer the fried egg with these bunker tips you can use on the course every time

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Ready to Drive it Long Like the Pros?

Increase your distance off of the tee with these helpful videos to drive like the pros. By Sabrina Naccarato

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