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Colorado AvidGolfer is your weekly source for lessons, tips and drills from top Colorado sources. With exclusive instruction from GOLFTEC, the top fact-based instruction outlet in the world, along with acclaimed PGA Professionals and certified instructors, this is your one-stop shop for game improvement. From the practice tee to the final green, and from your pre-game warm up to your match-winning putt, these articles and videos will help you get dialed in.

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Long Game

GOLFTEC: Bust Slice Myths

GOLFTEC: Busting a Downswing ‘Slice Fixing’ Myth

Straighten out your ball flight by understanding the proper time to open your hips in the downswing

GOLFTEC: Stop Slicing with the help of a Ping Pong Ball and Paddle

Understanding why you hit a slice is the first step to overcoming that most unwanted ball flight

GOLFTEC: How to Cure Your Slice with this Eight-part Video Series

Finally say goodbye to that dreaded slice with the help of this series that hits on every possible cause of why you struggle with a slice.

GOLFTEC: Make Better Contact with this Nifty Indoor Drill

#StayGolfReady: Want to make better, more consistent contact? Use a spatula to help you flip burgers and avoid flipping your wrist at impact.

Short Game

Hitting out of a greenside bunker.

GOLFTEC: Fear the high bunker shot no more!

Finding your ball in a greenside bunker that requires the high, soft shot might be intimidating, but not after reading …

GOLFTEC: Bringing Your Short Game to the Next Level

GOLFTEC has teamed up with Golf Channel to offer you tips and drills can help your short game.

GOLFTEC: Hit Your Intended Line with this Indoor Putting Exercise

You don’t need a putting green to perfect your putting path, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

GOLTEC: Golf for Beginners–Become the Best Putter on any Green

We’re wrapping up our beginners series with the most important skill of all: putting.

Mental Game

Phantom of Mishits

Head Game: Mind Over Monster

How to banish the “Phantom of Mis-hit Shots” forever.

Cat Got Your Game?

How to blow away anxiety and improve your mental golf game.

Learn to Deal with It

Practicing resilience separates the great golfers from the not-so-great.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Four shots you seldom practice but certainly should


GOLFTEC: Course Management

GOLFTEC: Conquer Any Course With These Three Course Management Tips

 Start shaving strokes off of your scorecard with the help of these course management tips

GOLFTEC: Stats & Numbers that can Lower Your Scores

We’ve teamed up with Golf Channel to bring you the best analytical tips to help your game.

GOLFTEC: Quick Tips from Top Coaches

Some of GOLFTEC’s top coaches share quick tips that can help any golfer.

Best of 2019: GOLFTEC’s Top 5 Instructional Drills

We’re looking back at the top five instructional drills of 2019 on the GOLFTEC Scramble.

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