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Colorado AvidGolfer is your weekly source for lessons, tips and drills from top Colorado sources. With exclusive instruction from GOLFTEC, the top fact-based instruction outlet in the world, along with acclaimed PGA Professionals and certified instructors, this is your one-stop shop for game improvement. From the practice tee to the final green, and from your pre-game warm up to your match-winning putt, these articles and videos will help you get dialed in.

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Long Game

GOLFTEC: How to grip a golf club to fix a slice or hook

How to grip a golf club: Fix your slice and hook by changing your golf grip. #GolfTecGreats: Featuring some of …

GOLFTEC: Finish Position Myth vs. Reality

We talk myth vs. reality with the finish position and give tips to help yours. #GolfTecGreats: Featuring some of GOLFTEC’s greatest tips and drills from over the years.

GOLFTEC: Gain Distance by Focusing on Knee Flex

As seen on Golf Channel: Flex your knees properly in the backswing to add shoulder turn and gain distance. #GolfTecGreats: Featuring some of GOLFTEC’s greatest tips and drills from over …

GOLFTEC: Improve your ball striking with the Chair Drill

 Improve your ball striking and eliminate fat and thin shots with the Chair Drill! #GolfTecGreats: Featuring some of GOLFTEC’s greatest tips and drills from over the years.

Short Game

GOLFTEC: Get Your Ball to Stop, Drop and Barely Roll on the Green

Master the high greenside shot and learn to stop your ball when there’s not much room to the pin.

GOLFTEC: Can’t stop the three-putts? Watch this…

As seen on Golf Channel: Reduce those annoying three-putts with this practice regimen to dial your lag putting. #GolfTecGreats: Featuring some of GOLFTEC’s greatest tips and drills from over the …

GOLFTEC: Improve your Putting

No matter your skill level, we could all use a little help with the flat stick!

GOLFTEC: Mastering All Bunker Shots

Let’s go to the beach! Watch these tips & drills that we featured on the Golf Channel on how to manage & get out of bunkers.

Mental Game

Golf Cartoon Three

Playing “Open” Golf

Tips for improving your game, wherever you tee it up.

Head Game: Mind Over Monster

How to banish the “Phantom of Mis-hit Shots” forever.

Cat Got Your Game?

How to blow away anxiety and improve your mental golf game.

Learn to Deal with It

Practicing resilience separates the great golfers from the not-so-great.


Golftec Old Equipment

GOLFTEC: Are you playing with old equipment? It Is holding your game back?

We’re sharing an extreme example of how old drivers can severely impact your distance and ball speed.

Great Golf Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

PGA TOUR Superstore, the country’s leading golf retailer welcomes golfers of all ages and skill sets. Custom fitting—whether it be drivers, irons, putters and even golf balls—is at the center …

GOLFTEC: Conquer Any Course With These Three Course Management Tips

 Start shaving strokes off of your scorecard with the help of these course management tips

GOLFTEC: Stats & Numbers that can Lower Your Scores

We’ve teamed up with Golf Channel to bring you the best analytical tips to help your game.

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