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Colorado AvidGolfer is your weekly source for lessons, tips and drills from top Colorado sources. With exclusive instruction from GOLFTEC, the top fact-based instruction outlet in the world, along with acclaimed PGA Professionals and certified instructors, this is your one-stop shop for game improvement. From the practice tee to the final green, and from your pre-game warm up to your match-winning putt, these articles and videos will help you get dialed in.

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Long Game

GOLTEC instructor with tips on how to get more distance

GOLFTEC: A Top 50 Instructor’s Advice for More Distance & Accuracy

Nick Clearwater expands on his feature in the January 2020 issue of Golf Digest.

GOLFTEC: Utility iron vs 1-iron, who comes out on top?

If you haven’t retired your 1-iron and replaced it with a utility iron like Titleist’s U500, you’re missing out. By Sabrina Naccarato

GOLFTEC: Turn Your Slice Into a Draw with These Quick Tips

A majority of golfers struggle with a slice but turning that ugly ball flight into a draw is possible with a few tips.

GOLFTEC: The WORST Advice in Golf? Keep Your Head Down

No, we’re not kidding and yes, keeping your head down throughout the swing does hurt your performance.

Short Game

hi-toe wedges

GOLFTEC: Can Hi-Toe Wedges Help Your Game?

There’s been a recent hype of hi-toe wedges, but what are they, and can they help your game?

GOLFTEC: Ground Your Club in the Sand for this Drill–You Won’t be Penalized

Become a master in the bunker by using this simple drill in the sand where grounding your club is encouraged.

GOLFTEC: Find Your Perfect Putting Stroke

Become more consistent on the greens by perfecting the length of your putting backstroke.

GOLFTEC: 3 Skills to Help You Improve Your Putting

Sharpen up your putting with this one drill that hits every area needed to be a proficient putter.

Mental Game

Phantom of Mishits

Head Game: Mind Over Monster

How to banish the “Phantom of Mis-hit Shots” forever.

Cat Got Your Game?

How to blow away anxiety and improve your mental golf game.

Learn to Deal with It

Practicing resilience separates the great golfers from the not-so-great.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Four shots you seldom practice but certainly should


Best drills of 2019 GOLFTEC

Best of 2019: GOLFTEC’s Top 5 Instructional Drills

We’re looking back at the top five instructional drills of 2019 on the GOLFTEC Scramble.

GOLFTEC Top Coaches on Common Golf Swing Issues

Yes, everyone has a different golf swing; however, many students struggle with common golf problems.

Is GOLFTEC for Beginners? Top Teachers Discuss.

Our mission is to help people play better golf, and that includes golfers picking up a club for the first time.

Golf Digest top teachers talk misconceptions about GOLFTEC

We asked some of our top Coaches to share AND disprove common misconceptions about GOLFTEC.

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