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Find the Perfect Landing Zone

Get up and down for par, or even birdie, by finding the exact landing area on your approach shots

Achieve that Swing Change with a Practice Structure

Implementing a swing change is easier than you’d think – it all comes down to a practice structure

Gain Distance and Power with this Magic Move

Nick Clearwater expands on his article featured in the September 2019 issue of Golf Digest that discusses a simple move that will help you gain power

Make More Putts by Sharpening Your Green Reading

Stop missing putts because of a misread line. Improve your green reading with these simple tips

How to Perfect the Long Bunker Shot

Don’t let long bunker shots scare you from getting your ball up and down with ease

Cat Got Your Game?

How to blow away anxiety and improve your mental golf game

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A New Racket

Let tennis teach you how to draw and fade the ball

Alex Fisher shows you how to draw the ball with a tennis racket.
Alex Fisher's fade swing at impact with a tennis racket.
Alex Fisher demonstrates a draw impact position with a tennis racket

More Instruction Articles

Alex Fisher demonstrates the third phase of a draw technique drill with a tennis racket.

A New Racket

Let tennis teach you how to draw and fade the ball.

John Purcell, a GOLFTEC success story.

John Purcell–A GOLFTEC Success Story

Golf becomes more than just a sport in many people’s lives and GOLFTEC is lucky enough to be a part of that story.

Rickie Fowler hits his driver.

GOLFTEC: Hit Your Driver Like Rickie Fowler with this Simple Drill

Start hitting long and straight drives off of the tee by taking this tip from Rickie Fowler’s backswing.

A man in the middle of a lesson at GOLFTEC.

5 Reasons to Take a Lesson at GOLFTEC

We talk about the top five reasons you need to get over the hump and start taking GOLFTEC lessons.

Lexi Thompson rips a drive down the middle of the fairway.

GOLFTEC: Here’s How You Can Drive It Far Like Lexi and JT

If you want to drive it far, look to some of the longest hitters on tour to see how they’re doing it.

Club fitting at GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: Why a Club Fitting Is Really Worth It

We bust the myth that club fitting is just a ‘fad’ or ‘gimmick’ & prove it can have a real impact on your game.

3 steps for a good pre-round warm-up routine

GOLFTEC: 3 Steps for a Quick Pre-Round Warm-Up

Running late for your round? Don’t worry; we have the perfect quick warm-up to get you ready to hit the course.

Correct bunker shot setup demonstration

Don’t Pound Sand

Turn a tough bunker shot into a day at the beach.