Lead Knee Flex: The Fix For Distance

Unlocking Power and Distance in Your Golf Swing Through Lead Knee Flex

by Ryan Gager

When it comes to adding power and distance to your golf swing, there are a multitude of factors to consider. One key element that often gets overlooked but can significantly impact your swing is the flex in your lead knee. In the latest edition of Fix My Fault with Connie Chen, we delve into the importance of lead knee flex in your golf swing and how it can help you generate more power, increase distance, and improve your overall performance on the course.

Understanding Lead Knee Flex and Its Impact

Connie shows how your hips and shoulders can be thrown off by bad lead knee flex. Courtesy GOLFTEC

As demonstrated in the video, the amount of flex in your lead knee during the follow-through has a direct influence on a couple crucial aspects of your swing:

  1. Hip Sway: The degree of lead knee flex affects the amount of hip sway you have in your follow-through. Connie emphasizes that insufficient hip sway can hinder your ability to strike the ball effectively and achieve optimal distance.
  2. Shoulder Bends: The angle of your shoulder bends is influenced by the degree of flex in your lead knee. A more upright position with less forward shoulder bend can enable you to swing the club faster, leading to greater speed and distance.

Essentially, how your knee bends throughout the swing has a direct impact on both your hips and your shoulders. A straight lead leg through impact will help solve some of these issues.

Check out what it’s like inside a GOLFTEC lesson featuring Hailey Ostrom!

Correcting Lead Knee Flex for Added Power and Distance

Connie gives three checkpoints to make sure you maintain correct positions through impact. Courtesy GOLFTEC

Connie has a great drill for correcting your lead knee flex, which will add more power and distance in your golf swing. Follow these steps:

1. Start with Small Practice Swings: Begin with short practice swings to focus on the movements without the added complexity of a full swing.

2. Straighten the Lead Leg Through Impact: The key takeaway here is to focus on straightening your lead leg as you go through impact and into the follow-through. This movement encourages more power and a more efficient transfer of energy from your body to the club.

3. Checkpoints for an Effective Follow Through:

  • Chest Up: Keep your chest facing upwards through the follow-through. This position promotes better body alignment and an optimal angle for generating speed.
  • Straight Lead Leg: Ensure that your lead leg remains straight in the follow-through. This adjustment aids in maintaining balance and generating additional power.
  • Chin Off the Chest: Lift your chin away from your chest, allowing for a backward bend in your upper body. This change facilitates a faster swing and greater club head speed.

4. Transition to Hitting Golf Balls: Once you’ve mastered the movements with practice swings, introduce a golf ball on a tee. Focus on clipping the ball off the tee while maintaining the correct lead knee flex and follow-through mechanics.

Mastering the art of lead knee flex in your golf swing can be a game-changer. By implementing the tips and drills from Connie, you can unlock added power, increased distance, and improved consistency in your shots. Remember, practice makes perfect, so dedicate time to refining your lead knee flex and follow-through technique. As you work on these aspects, you’ll notice a positive impact on your overall golf performance and the satisfaction of seeing your shots fly farther down the fairway.

Of course working on these swing mechanics is always easier with an experienced Coach. We encourage everyone to find your local GOLFTEC and start working with a Coach today. Being able to see your swing on video and the improvements you make in real time is the best way to start playing better golf!

For more tips and drills, check out the videos below from GOLFTEC, including two ways to increase distance with Hannah and Fredrik, and three keys for extra distance with Tour Pro Jim Knous.

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