Fix Your Slice by Knowing Your Swing Path

If You Always Slice The Ball, We Have Your Fix

By Ryan Gager

It’s something we see every day, a golfer who slices the ball (for a right handed player, a shot that starts straight then curves to the right). It’s also one of the more frustrating shot shapes because not only is it not aesthetically pleasing to watch, but the ball doesn’t hit your target and tends to come up short as well. Luckily GOLFTEC’s Bryan Collins has the solution for you. And for more help on fixing your slice, check out this Hip Rotation Drill.

Using Our New Overlay Feature To Show Club Path

Using our new overlay feature Bryan demonstrates a backswing that is out and away from his body, versus a backswing that is in and close to his body. Courtesy GOLFTEC

A pattern we often see with our Students involves the handle of the club as it travels back on the take away and what the clubface is doing during this time.

As you can see in the example with the help of our new overlay feature, Bryan has taken the club back twice, but they are vastly different in position.

Someone who slices will have their club in the position that is out and to the right. Also notice his hands are away from his body. To correct this Bryan brings back the handle of the club closer to his body, and notice how the clubhead is now left of his body at the same point in the backswing.

Bringing your hands back closer to your body promotes an in-to-out swing path and helps close the face at impact so you can start hitting draws.

Slice Fix Drill Promoting More In-To-Out Club Path

On your backswing, make sure the face of the club is pointing down and keep the handle of your club close to your body. Courtesy GOLFTEC

After taking your normal address position, extend your trail wrist as much as you can and make sure the club face is pointing down towards the ground.

As you continue your backswing, make sure you keep the handle of the club close to your body as you rotate back. At this point make sure the club face is pointing away from your target.

Take a couple practice swings before introducing a ball. When you do start hitting balls, expect your initial shots to hook (curve left for right handed golfers) until you get the feel for this new swing motion.

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