Distance Control Tips: Chipping & Pitching

Chipping and Pitching Distance Control Strategy and Tips
Instructor Derek Hooper demonstrates a simple method to consistently managing your distance control with pitches and chips around the green.

Accuracy and consistently around the greens is no doubt something that can keep 20-handicappers from becoming 10-handicappers, and 10-handicappers from becoming single-digit handicappers. No matter your skill level, wouldn’t you love to be able to manage your distance control around the green just a little bit better?

If the answer to the above is an emphatic YES(!), then instructor Derek Hooper can help you in just two minutes with tips for your pitching and chipping. One of the keys? Before you can improve your accuracy with your distances, you first must improve your understanding of your distances. Many amateurs reach for the same club with nearly all chips. While this works for some (The PGA TOUR’s Jimmy Walker opts for his 60-degree wedge with most all of his short game shots), the vast majority of professionals use a variety of clubs around the green.

Dave Pelz helped create a pitching distance matrix that Hooper quickly demonstrates in the video below. Simply take the three clubs you chip with and have three different swings with each club. The result? 3×3=9.

And it couldn’t get much easier to remember. Your three swings can be a “hip-to-hip” swing, a “chest-to-chest” swing, and a “shoulder-to-shoulder” swing. Simply take a few minutes at your favorite practice area, and chip/pitch enough solid shots with each swing that you have a good understanding of your distance.

Now you have 9 shots ready with which to conquer the green. In fact, it might looks something like this…

Club Hip Swing Chest Swing Shoulder Swing
P Wedge 30 yards 60 yards 90 yards
56 Degree Wedge 20 yards 50 yards 80 yards
60 Degree Wedge 15 yards 25 yards 40 yards

Ready to try it? Here’s an empty table you can print out and use.

Club Hip Swing Chest Swing Shoulder Swing

Derek Hooper is the Director of Instruction at the Royal Oaks Golf Academy, Houston, Texas. For more info visit derekhoopergolf.com.


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