Downhill Chasers

‘tis the season to curl up with some rich, flavorful brews. Cody Gabbard As with many Colorado avid golfers, the winter months challenge me with a different kind of slope than the ones rated on courses. And like the 19th hole that caps off the previous four hours, a full day of skiing crescendos into … Read more

Back on Top: Telluride’s Allred’s Restaurant

Perched high above Telluride, Allred’s Restaurant once again delivers a dining experience worthy of its spectacular setting. Gary James Back in 2001, when it was heralded as one of the “Top Ten Best New Restaurants in America” by Esquire magazine, Allred’s Restaurant emerged as the town of Telluride’s flagship dining experience. The bona fides? An … Read more

Too Big to Ale?

Breckenridge Brewery keeps expanding while losing none of its craft-beer cred. Cody Gabbard Among craft beer aficionados, a great deal of concern swirls around microbreweries that have “gone macro,” with some having even “sold out” to the more established big breweries. The mug-half-full argument, however, is that this growth and expansion indicates an industry healthy … Read more

Brews for the Ages

With all the depth of a fine wine, high-gravity and barrel-aged beers can replace some of the bottles in your cellar. Cody Gabbard As the experience level of beer drinkers continues to expand, so does their affinity for more adventurous and rare brews. These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brewery that doesn’t offer … Read more

Craft Beer in a Company Town

Golden’s beer scene goes beyond the largest single-site facility in the world. Cody Gabbard The monolithic presence of MillerCoors Brewing stands in striking juxtaposition to the serene backdrop of ruddy foothills and frontier buildings that define this historic foothills town of 19,000. But the handful of new craft breweries and distilleries that have sprouted seem … Read more

Bright Beers, Big City

A trip to New York reflects well on Denver’s craft brew scene. Cody Gabbard When traveling, I try to seek out unique drinking establishments as a roadmap to an unfamiliar area. Most have been established by locals for locals and evoke the tastes of a particular neighborhood. This approach has served me well in my … Read more

Drinking in Durango

Colorado’s colorful corner has an equally vibrant beer scene. Cody Gabbard Durango. The name itself evokes the feeling of the Wild West. Although a regional airport satisfies those with an inclination towards expediency, a drive from any point in Colorado provides a treat. To the north lie the towns of Telluride and Ouray within the … Read more

Wild Brew Yonder

A rollicking round at Loveland’s Mariana Butte leads to even better ones off the course. Cody Gabbard As both a golf aficionado and Certified Beer Server (the beer world’s version of a sommelier), I often find my weekends revolve around looking for distinctive courses and partaking in well-crafted local brews. Lucky for me—and you—Colorado boasts … Read more

Grand Junction and Montrose: Activities, Restaurants and Wineries

What to eat, see and do in Grand Junction and Montrose Colorado AvidGolfer The Grand Junction region’s alkaline soil, hot sunny days and cool night breezes make the high-desert environment the ideal terroir to grow grapes. Sporting the highest vineyards in North America, the region supports some 30 vineyards and wineries, many offering tours and … Read more