Here at Colorado AvidGolfer we’re not just about golf. We bring you reviews on potential cars you can drive to the course (Nice Drives), exercises that will help you play your best on the course, ideas of where to eat after your round (Fareways) and even highlight the hottest places to live around town (Getting Home) . It’s all right here.

The 5390′ Community: Golf Course Living in Central Denver

Is it your dream to live on a golf course, but you worry about being too far from work and downtown Denver? Denver’s 5390′ Community is for you.

2019 BMW M850i & X7 50i Reviews

The 2019 BMW M850i & X7 50i, due to their versatile underlying architecture, have guided BMW back to the identity that first set it apart

Gas & Diesel: 2019 Ram Heavy Duty 2500 & 3500

Breaking down the differences between the 2019 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500. Which is right for you?

Ride in Style with the New Club Car Onward

With the completely customizable Club Car Onward, you can design a car that gets you where you’re going and matches your style along the way

Swing Into Spring

Coming out of hibernation from the cold, unplayable Colorado winter means preparing effectively with a functional golf mobility program

2019 Mercedes CLS53 Review

The 2019 Mercedes CLS53 fits its niche just fine: fast yet refined, stylish yet understated

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Chalking Up the ‘Cue

Follow your nose to the best BBQ on the Front Range.

Jabo's bbq spread
A bbq sandwhich from Smok
A juicy shank at Roaming Buffalo bbq

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