Apps and Apparel for Health and Fitness

Stuff to improve your health—and your game.

Phone It In

Golf Fit, a software program designed by Australians, allows you to build and then track a training schedule—even one specifically designed for your needs like a bigger shoulder turn, longer backswing or faster hip rotation at impact. These programs are downloaded to your smartphone for easy tracking as well as adding or subtracting exercises as needed. $19-$49.

Wrist Rewards

The Apple Watch’s new “Sport” version focuses on activities and encourages you to “put some distance between you and the chair.” This watch includes a heart rate monitor and it connects with the Wi-Fi and GPS features on your iPhone to accurately measure distance and speed during your rounds. Finally, an accelerometer measures your total body movement and steps to calculate the calories you burn during daily activities, like walking to the car or hitting 5-irons on the range. $349.

Straighten Up!

Bad posture, any trainer or golf instructor will tell you, is one of the chief contributors to inconsistent swings, low energy and nagging injuries. The Alignmed Posture Shirt helps correct that. The compression shirt’s sewn-in, variable elastic NeuroBands gently pull back your shoulders, head and hips while pushing out your chest. This realignment helps get more oxygen to the lungs, increases blood flow and stimulates nerves and muscles. The resulting increase in mobility promotes a fuller turn and a smoother, more consistent swing path. $95.

Foot Fun

Walking burns far more calories than riding, and Sun Mountain’s new ReFlex Cart makes hoofing it not only viable but enjoyable—and that means more calories getting burned. Weighing 17 pounds, it offers wide-track stability for those up-down Colorado courses but can fold down to 25 inches long and 15 inches wide, making it easy to store in the trunk. Now there’s no reason to take that cart. $260.

Block Whole Sun

High altitude and unrelenting sunshine put Colorado golfers at a higher risk of skin cancer than most people. We slather on sunscreen, play early, don shades and wear wide-brim hats. But the Skin Cancer Foundation cites sun-protective clothing as the first line of defense against harmful ultraviolet exposure, and Coolibar as the first sun-protective clothing company to receive the organization’s Seal of Recommendation. Coolibar’s super lightweight, moisture-wicking long-sleeve polo ($69.50) and Bermuda shorts ($39.50) offer UPF 50+ protection, blocking 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays.


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