Wear to Play: How to Match Belts and Shoes

Buckle Up! The rules of pairing belts and shoes for golfers

Who would have ever thought rubber belts would become a craze, and in fluorescent colors…with shoes that match! Everybody’s wearing the shoes and belts—on Tour and off. Whatever happened to the country-club combo of surcingle belts and saddle shoes? Today’s golf fashions are better suited for directing traffic on a dark night, but certain rules never go out of style.

Pair classic accessories to classic shoes, and synthetics to synthetics. Classic shoes go with classic belts—black saddles, black leather belt; brown saddles, brown leather belt—NOT white. Or spice it with a bit of old-school class: wool surcingle or grosgrain ribbon belts give you blueblood style points.


• Wear that white belt with white shoes.

• Wear a belt in the same color family as your shoes, preferably darker.

• Wear the wild modern colored belts (and matching shoes) if you’re skinny and have never played a fairway wood made of wood.

• Match your belt to the saddle on your shoe.

• Wear patterned belts with solid shirts and pants.


• Wear that white belt with ANY other color shoes but white (including off-white or mostly white).

• Match your belt to your clothing.

• Wear a white or wild colored belt with darker clothes, especially if you’re fat. You will look wider and as if you have been sliced across the midsection.

• Match your belt to the vamp of your shoe.

• Mix patterned belts and patterned clothing.


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