Curtail Your Club Clank! Ogio Has a Better Way

Utah Company’s Silencer System is Quieter, More Comfortable

Avid players know that golf has a truly unique soundtrack: The swish! of a club, the ka-plunk! of a holed putt, the plank! of a drive, the muttered ohcrap! of a banana slice that goes crack! off a tree and dives splash! into the water.

It also has at least one detestable sound—that irascible clank! clank! clank! that comes from carried clubs bouncing to and fro in the golf bag.  

Leave it to Ogio, a leading designer of golf bags and apparel, to come up with a way to curtail clanking clubs. It’s called the Silencer Club Protection System, a new carry bag the company promises is “the most comfortable and quiet golfing experience to date.”

Built from the ground up, the Silencer stand bag is specifically crafted for the walking golfer. Key to the system is a protective membrane top that separates up to 14 club heads, plus a proprietary Unibody Grip Lock bottom that uses “flex grab teeth” to keep clubs in place and eliminate movement.

Further, Ogio has built this amazingly light stand bag with durable integrated handles that allow for stable and secure lifting, and a weight-equalizing shoulder strap that balances the load across a golfer’s back.

“Innovation coupled with unique fashion embody our design signature,” said Ogio VP Tom Gocke. “The Silencer provides the ultimate in club protection while reducing the annoying sound of clanking clubs.”

In fact, Ogio claims the Silencer is so effective in minimizing dings and dents that it will add years of life to any set of clubs.

The Silencer (suggested retail $235) is now available at better golf pro shops and at


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