Made for the Mountains

alfa romeo stelvio made for the mountains

Options include a German sedan, an Italian SUV and what may be Ford’s sweetest truck ever.

By Isaac Bouchard

SEISMIC SHIFTS in the automotive sector mean that more than two- thirds of all new vehicles sold or leased are trucks and SUVs. How each type might fit into one’s lifestyle is of course a personal matter; herein we look at how they play in the current Rocky Mountain landscape

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2017 Mercedes C300 4Matic coupe

2017 C300 Coupe

One of signature features is a sloping, teardrop shape to the rear, and while it can look truncated or odd on some models, it helps imbue the all-new Mercedes C300 coupe with a svelte form that hearkens back to the aero cars of the 1920s and ‘30s. The frontal aspect is boldly masculine, and the … Read more