Greeley? Really!

The relative immaturity of Greeley’s 10-year-old brewing scene belies the quality and variety of its beers. The city’s crown jewel also happens to be its newest, WeldWerks Brewing, which opened in 2015 and was named best new brewery in the country by USA Today’s Readers’ Choice 10 Best list of 2016. The company enjoys a … Read more

Brewing for the Greater Good

Beer’s feel-good qualities owe to the endorphins it triggers, but its do-good qualities owe to brewers who devote some of their profits to important causes. Two Colorado breweries are doing precisely that. Rockyard Brewing Company of Castle Rock and Denver Beer Company both contribute to the sustainability and enjoyment of one of Colorado’s first loves—the … Read more

Hoppy Holidays

Most people typically associate saccharine-sweet pumpkin beers with fall and heavily spiced Christmas-themed beers with winter. It doesn’t have to be that way. The abundance of food and differing tastes at holiday gatherings begs for versatile beers that will pair well with every type of feast and friend. SAISON D’ÊTRE A saison will fit the … Read more

A Taste of Tucson’s Top 10 Craft Beers (Sponsored)

Tucson — a home for professional golf for decades — offers a wide variety of courses and experiences, all set in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. There is something about this uncluttered natural setting that inspires, on the golf course and off. An example is Tucson’s thriving craft beer scene, with 14 active breweries … Read more

The Cask at Hand: Hogshead Brewery

Back in the early fermentation stage of America’s craft-brewing craze, crane-necked faucets regularly adorned pubs, with chalkboards listing “Today’s Cask Ale.” No longer. Cask ale has all but disappeared at new breweries, its nuanced, low-alcohol appeal overtaken by “session” beers that promise the same bombastic, one-note hop power of the current craft king, IPA. Recalling … Read more