2019 #GetGolfFit: Cable Rotation Press

Cable Rotation Press is a thoracic spine rotation exercise that will improve your upper-body flexibility and allow you to hit the ball further.

Class-A PGA Professional and former NFL player Jason Witczak of The Club at Pradera and Pinery Country Club and Elizabeth Martin are here to introduce you to an exercise that will help you increase your flexibility and the range of motion in your swing.

The only item necessary to execute this exercise is a cable press machine. The amount of weight selected on the machine will differ for each golfer. Make sure that you select a weight that will allow you to do at least four sets of 12 repetitions each. You will want to do two sets rotating in each direction. Also make sure that the cable is adjusted to chest height.

After the machine is set to the appropriate weight and the cable is adjusted to the appropriate height, face at a 90-degree angle from the cable press machine (it doesn’t matter which direction you face as you will do two sets facing in each direction) so that you’re inside shoulder is approximately five feet from the machine itself. Now, grip the cable tightly with your inside hand ensuring that it is taught. Your free hand can either rest at your side or you can put it palm-down on your chest.

Rotate away from the machine until your back is facing it squarely. Keep your feet anchored to the ground in the same spot as when you started, but pivot the inside foot as you would when you complete the golf swing. Finally, you should be extending the arm that is gripping the cable away from the machine until it is out in front of you and your upper body is fully rotated. Return to the starting position, and repeat.

For the next set, face the opposite direction and grab the cable with your other hand.

Important to this exercise is ensuring that your core is fully engaged throughout each set and that you’re shifting your weight onto your outside foot each time you rotate and extend your arm.

The set and repetition amounts will vary based on the golfer, but four sets of 12 reps is a great place to start.

Continuous use of this exercise will improve your flexibility and give you a wider range of motion when you take the club back. A wider range of motion in your back swing translates to more distance in your game.

What you’ll need:

  • A cable press machine

How to do it:

  • Face at a 90-degree angle from the cable press machine
  • Grab the cable press with your inside arm and rotate away form the machine
  • As you begin to open up away from the machine, extend your arm completely away from the machine
  • You should shift your weight to your outside foot as you extend your arm
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat

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