KBS Releases New Lighter Weight Shaft

Mid-Trajectory Component Enhances Boulder Company’s Lineup

Golf shafts are often described as the club’s engine, the V-8 that powers the swing. And some of the best performing carbon steel shafts in the business are crafted right here in Colorado by Boulder-based KBS Golf Shafts.

If competitive performance is a litmus test of success, KBS delivers. More than 150 PGA Tour players play the shaft, including Ernie Els, Jim Furyk, Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott. KBS shafts also were used by 2014 U.S. Amateur champion Gunn Yang, during Phil Mickelson’s near win at the PGA Championship, and by Justin Rose to secure the Scottish Open.

In fact, every major manufacturer carries the brand—it’s standard on Callaway’s Apex Pro irons—as do fitters across Colorado and the globe.

New to the KBS line is the C-Taper Lite parallel tip shaft, which incorporates KBS’s performance benefits in a lighter weight design.

“Despite this being a lighter weight shaft, the C-Taper Lite actually fits a large amount of strong players,” said KBS’ Director of R&D and Tour Operations Kim Braly (KBS stands for Kim Braly Signature), a pioneer of shaft frequency matching and the creator of the revolutionary Rifle and Project X stepless steel shaft designs.

Tests indicate the shaft fills a hole in the company’s lineup, which is between KBS’ low-launching, low-spinning C-Taper and KBS Tour shafts and the company’s high-launching, high-spinning KBS Tour 90 shafts. Its constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness further offers optimized energy transfer for controlled spin and maximum distance.

The C-Taper Lite ($40 retail) offers a brushed satin finish and is manufactured in three flexes: 108.5g, 118.5g and 125g. KBS shafts are available for online purchase and through the company’s clubfitter network at kbsgolfshafts.com/find-fitters.


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