Introducing a NEW Club for Precision Chipping

A pyramid-shaped clubface that boosts backspin and provides maximum forgiveness where you need it most.

The Pyramid Wedge’s low-profile face is taller in the middle than on the toe, so you’ll catch the ball higher on the club than you do a normal iron or wedge. That means extra height and spin from rough or sand. (Yep, you can use the P3 in bunkers, as we’ll explain shortly)

The shape also concentrates more mass near the vertical center of the club. Since your miss-hits tend to be smaller on shorter swings, that’s exactly where you want it. Next, let’s examine an even more critical feature:

A chunk-proof, self-squaring sole that prevents fat shots while delivering deadly accuracy.

You’ve probably seen wide-soled wedges, maybe even played one yourself. It’s a great concept that works very well. The wider the base of the club, the more easily it slides across the turf and resists digging. A regular iron or wedge has a much thinner sole – appropriate for full shots, but a real drawback around the greens.

We gave the P3 Wedge ample sole width, but we didn’t stop there. To help the clubhead cruise through tall grass unimpeded, we added a series of slightly raised rails from heel to toe. The rails serve a purpose on tighter turf, too, by squaring the clubface when it meets the turf.

You won’t believe how straight your shots fly off the Pharaoh Wedge.

Those are the primary features. But there’s plenty more that make the P3 such a killer all-around club. Including:

  • An upright lie and shorter shaft that put you more on top of the ball (for better control over the clubhead and uncanny accuracy)
  • “Goldilocks” loft of 45° – not too high, not too low (but just right for the variety of shots you face in every round)
  • A head that’s about 20% heavier than standard, which limits your hand and wrist action while engaging your arms and shoulders (which are much more
  • reliable and consistent)
  • A super-low center of gravity to increase backspin (so your shots will check up with greater precision)
  • Grooves across the entire clubface (so if you do miss-hit it badly, you’ll still get excellent spin)
  • A unique alignment guide to help you set up dead-square (for unmatched accuracy no matter your distance from the hole)

Any one of these features would deliver improvement over the club or clubs you’re currently using. But put them all together, in a single club, and you’ve got unmatched stroke-saving power. That’s the P3 Pharaoh Wedge.

It looks different, doesn’t it? Trust us – it IS different.


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