Homie Cash™. Offer Accepted.

Homie Loans™ launches Homie Cash to give home buyers a better chance of winning an offer.

Homie Loans, a technology based mortgage brokerage, has launched Homie Cash to help home buyers win offers in the extremely competitive Denver real estate market. Homie Loans is a different kind of mortgage broker, one that aims to make home buying easy, affordable, and accessible for all. Homie Cash is a revolutionary way to have an advantage in a high stakes market, where cash is king.

Why Homie Cash?

Almost 23%* of real estate transactions in the Denver Metro are cash sales – which is up almost 17% from last year. Data shows that buyers have a 3X chance of winning an offer when it’s a cash offer. Unfortunately, many do not have cash on hand to be competitive in the current market, but Homie Cash is here to help. 

How does Homie Cash work?

Homie Cash upgrades your offer to cash, which gives you a competitive advantage to other offers. Through Homie Loans, buyers are not charged any additional fees for using Homie Cash and have the possibility of closing in as little as 21 days. The only additional fee you’ll pay is the third party settlement fees such as title, insurance, and appraisal – which is typically between $1-2k. 

  1. Get pre-approved: Go to homie.com/cash to get pre-approved for your cash offer.
  2. Make an offer: Once you find your dream home, a Homie** agent will help you put together an offer with a close of no less than 21 calendar days. 
  3. Offer approved! The home will then go under contract and a Homie Loans representative will work to complete the loan application and process. 

What are the benefits of Homie Cash?

  • Certainty: Homie Cash helps you search with certainty – you’ll get peace of mind knowing where you are moving before selling your home. 
  • Strength: You will also build strength by increasing your chances of getting your dream home, which is crucial in such a competitive and fast moving market. 
  • Optimization: Lastly, you’ll get your dream home faster and optimize your cash on hand. With closing in 21 days or less, you’ll deal with less closing and more living. 

Other facts about Homie Cash:

  • Program fee is $0 if you use Homie Loans
  • It’s a full cash offer
  • Up to $2,500 rebate for closing costs when bundling services**
  • End-to-end transaction under one roof** 
  • No financing contingencies 
  • Close in as little as 21 days

Where can I learn more?

Visit homie.com/cash or call 720-712-7866 to speak with a Homie Loan officer. You can also email at [email protected]

Homie Loans is an Equal Housing Lender, NMLS#1016597; 720-712-7866. *https://www.recolorado.com/ **Homie offers up to $2,500 buyer refund when you buy with Homie, get your loan with Homie Loans and get a quote through Homie Insurance. Homie, Homie Loans, and Homie Insurance are affiliated in that all are owned by the same company. Learn more at Homie.com.

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