Getting A Grip On Cold Weather Golf

A golf glove perfect for cool Colorado mornings

That snap in the morning air means it’s fall. For golfers, it means semi-numb fingers for those early tee shots, and lurking behind that thought is the elbow-tingling, wrist-aching and finger-pinching sensation that comes when an iron shot comes off a little “thin.”
The solution? A pure golf swing. But since most of us are less than PGA TOUR-quality, the easiest way to remedy those rounds in cold are gloves—rain gloves.
Foot-Joy and other traditional glove companies all offer rain gloves. The Bionic AquaGrip™ Golf Glove offers another choice.

The Bionic gloves are perfect for golfers who suffer hand discomfort, such as that caused by arthritis. These gloves come with pads under the tacky outer surface. The pads absorb shock but also offer golfers with weak grip pressure a chance to get a better hold and thus feel of the glove.
Yet these gloves work for golfers who don’t need assistance in their hands. The pads add a layer of thickness and thus hold warmth generated from skin. When compared to traditional golf rain gloves, they offer the same tacky experience as regular gloves but are thicker and more comfortable in cold and wet weather.
More warmth plus same feel equals a win for golfers who aren’t afraid of a little chill in the morning.

Knowing avid golfers in Colorado – hey, that’s a good name for a magazine – this is a glove worth a try. I know players who use two when it’s really cold. It’s called the Denver Duo.

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