All You Need Is Glove

Improving your golf grip with the SensoGlove

Last week’s gear section concerned grips.

This week we’ll talk about grip—specifically how to improve yours on the club.

Really good golfers spend hours during the winter months perfecting their grip, working it weak and strong, overlapped and interlocked. Most of us just grab and go, usually choking the club for dear life.

And when you do that, you’re throttling back your distance.

Many a pro has said to hold the club as if it were a baby bird. But that’s hard to practice without the club flying like an big whirlybird down the range.

Fortunately, there’s SensoGlove. The customizable training aid’s built-in computerized sensors constantly read the pressure of your grip—and alert you when you’re squeezing the life out of your shots. Even putts.

How does the SensoGlove work?

Just slip on the SensoGlove at the range and test various pressure settings until you dial in the setting that feels smooth and easy.

Since most golfers start out with a light pressure only to grip tighter at take-away and through the backswing and downswing, SensoGlove reads your grip pressure during your address and throughout your swing.

Using the built-in audio warning, golfers will know if they are gripping too tight at the exact moment it happens during their swing.

The SensoGlove reads and displays your pressure and warns you if you exceed your target level. It even tells you which finger is gripping too tight, so you can adjust accordingly.


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