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Staff 1

In the Raw – Wilson’s New Staff Model R

Wilson’s new Staff Model R golf ball has no paint. How does that affect its performance?

CO Golf & Turf Onward

Colorado Golf & Turf: Check Out The New Club Car Onward

Riding in style has never been more exciting than with the new Club Car Onward! Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV’s) offer …

TEChnical Advancements

GOLFTEC started in a basement—now, after 25 years, it’s known around the world. And with new innovations on the horizon, …

PGA TOUR Superstore Continues Keeping Golfers Safe While Shopping for the Newest Gear

Have you played a round of nine holes over the past few months? If so, as you have probably seen, …

Bright Spot; Lose Your Phone

Bright Spot: Srixon’s new Soft-Feel Brite ball is designed to perform better and be harder to lose.

The Country’s Leading Golf Retailer Offers a Safe Shopping Experience With Its New COVID-Compliant Standards

By its very nature, golf is a game that brings people together. Golf has a lot of positive buzz now, …

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Binge Watch

Shot Scope’s new V3 GPS and performance-tracking watch is crammed full of new features.  

When it Comes to the Perfect Fit, Dan Weitzel isn’t the Retiring Type

IF A MARKETING guru happened to scope out Dan Weitzel Golf, he or she would probably point out all the …