Ford’s Latest Expedition Set the Standard for Full-Size SUVs

Ford Expedition

Ford’s latest Expedition rewrote the standards for full-size SUVs when it dropped in 2018

Its independent rear suspension improved body control and created more space for second- and third-row passengers. And its EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 made driving at high altitude not only effortless but fun. Well, GM and FCA were obviously paying attention; the new Tahoe, Yukon and upcoming Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer follow a very similar path for their suspension design and interior layout. Against such stout current and upcoming competition, can the Expedition still cut it? In many ways, yes. The combo of 375hp EcoBoost and 10-speed automatic endows it with effortless thrust up to high velocities, and stout towing abilities (for loads up to 9,300 pounds). The Expedition still handles well for its size and its Sync3 infotainment tech and suite of driver aids are contemporary, even if the screen through which you access some functions seems comparatively small at eight inches. The Expedition is quiet, and seating comfort is excellent. Where it is falling behind is in the feel of its interior; Ford also wrote the rulebook on how to stuff subpar materials into expensive vehicles—seats where the adjacent leather and vinyl surfaces don’t match in grain or color, hard plastics in obvious places and other cost cutting measures that have no place in a $70k rig are fairly obvious. Powertrain-wise, GM gives multiple engine options; some are inferior to the 3.5L six in the Ford, but some are quite ingenious, such as their turbo-diesel offering. And the Tahoe and Yukon have some beefier dirt-pluggin’ and trail bashin options than the modest FX4 Off Road package that the test Expedition was equipped with. The Jeep’s styling and interior pizzazz should also worry Ford managementand now that the Expedition is close in price to an entry level BMW X7 or Mercedes GLS the Ford’s subpar interior is more obviously a demeritBut by and large (pun intended) Ford has a great machine on its hands and it is still light-years ahead of the Japanese competition and will no doubt continue as a best seller.  

Ford Expedition Interior

EPA Ratings: 17/22/19mpg 

0-60mph: 5.8sec (indep test) 

Price as tested: $71,865 

Here is what has to say. 

3.5 Stars 


 Here is what Ford has to say. Read here.

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