All I Want for Christmas is to Putt Better

Two products will grant your wish.

It’s a few days too late for a Christmas gift idea…or is it?

In June we featured the Slot Trainer that Justin Rose was pictured using at the BMW Championship at Wentworth, and which was invented by acclaimed teacher Jim McLean and marketed/distributed by Greeley, CO-based company Eyeline Golf. Founded in 2002 and now offering dozens of proven (the company says over 270 players on all the major Tours have used its products) swing and putting trainers on its web site, Eyeline has come to the rescue of those with a golfer on their list still to buy for.

The Groove Laser has been a year in development and features an illuminated dotted line that you can use not only to show the alignment of the putterface but also the path on which the head is moving. You’re also able to swivel the device, so instead of the dotted line cutting through the ball and appearing on either side of it, the dots show only between the ball and hole, enabling you to groove a more effective stroke and ultimately hole considerably more three/four/five foot putts than you do now.

The casing is industrial-strength and the glass lens similarly high-quality. The battery gives you ten hours of power, and the dots are ten times brighter than the solid line in previous models, allowing you to use the Groove Laser both indoors and outdoors. 

And if the Groove Laser isn’t enough to put your wonky putting stroke back on track, the Putter Wheel, which has so impressed equipment experts at the last two PGA Merchandise Shows, certainly will.

The Putter Wheel ticks the same four boxes all good training aids do – 1) It’s light and portable 2) It’s very simple to use 3) It’s effective ) It’s inexpensive.

If the putterface is aligned incorrectly at impact or the path of the putterhead is off-kilter, the Putter Wheel will veer off line and wobble as it makes its sorry way to the side of the hole. Make pure contact with a square face, however, and the Putter Wheel will roll beautifully towards the intended target.

Again, order today or first thing tomorrow and you’ll have your Putter Wheel(s) by Christmas Day. Then, after seven days or indoor practice, or outdoors if you’re lucky, with both the Groove Laser and the Putter Wheel and you’ll head into 2016 with an entirely new stroke that will inevitably make you a more successful putter.

$17.95 (one Putter Wheel) – $39.95 (three Putter Wheels),


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