Stuffing the Golfer’s Stocking

Our third and final Christmas gift list.


The Magician
It’s possible the golfer in your life doesn’t read much golf fiction nowadays because he/she tried it a few times several years ago and thought it all pretty bland, predictable stuff. You can reawaken their interest, however, by combining two of life’s finest elements – golf and a great story. Ever N. Hayes’s fantastic novel about a young lad orphaned by the tragic events of 9/11/01 but who bounces back to a new life of hopes and dreams is actually more of a love story than a golf story. Or is it? Either way, it’s an absorbing read you never really want to finish.
$12.54 paperback, $2.99 Kindle,

Seamus Golf – ‘Be the Ball’ Ball Mark
After cutting each coin and heating them to about 2200 degrees in a white-hot fire, the blacksmith shapes the metal on an anvil like soft clay, using hammers, chisels, punches, and a good deal of skill. Each ball mark is then sanded, buffed, and tumbled. Choose to add your own custom stamp (15 characters max) at no charge for an even more personal ball mark. 

Brush t
Every yard counts in the modern game, so you need to take advantage of every product that promises a little extra distance. The Brush t claims to give you up to seven more yards on your tee shot as the nylon bristles that hold your ball up allow it to be struck with a minimum of resistance. The additional distance is nice, but the Brush t also apparently reduces deflection by up to 2%—the equivalent of 42 feet at 300 yards. The Brush t is the classic stocking-stuffer—small, inexpensive, and surprisingly useful. $5.99 Bristle Tee Oversize (3ct),

Trion: Z DuoLoop Wristband
The Duo-Loop Wristband by Colantotte Trion:Z combines a vibrant new look with the unique magnetic technology found in all Colantotte Trion:Z Products. The double silicone bands and lively new color combinations create an energetic new look and a comfortable water proof design. The Duo-Loop Wristband contains two, 100mT (1,000 Gauss) magnets arranged in a unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO TM) to create a larger magnetic field flow. Available in three sizes and six different color combinations.

Donald Ross – Discovering the Legend DVD
The native Scot who arrived in the US at the age of 26 and became one of the game’s finest and most prolific course designers, left his footprint in Colorado three times – at Broadmoor (East), Wellshire, and Lakewood. Anyone who has played these gems, and those who have sampled the great man’s work elsewhere—indeed, any fan of golf course architecture—will devour this superbly-researched and presented DVD, produced by veteran documentary-maker Cob Carlson. 
$20 plus shipping,


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