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WHEN ALL IS said and done—after all the spa treatments, the swimming parties and wine tastings—doesn’t it come down to golf? That was certainly the case in 2020; in a year in which the number of rounds played on public courses reached record heights, members at private clubs across Colorado increasingly made the decision to make 18 (or 9) holes part of their experience as well.

“We had a record number of rounds played in 2020, almost double the year before,” said Ryan Naab of the Fox Hill Club in Longmont. “People seemed to be looking for any avenue to get out and interact last year and our club was the perfect solution.”

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The Country Club at Castle Pines

Just as the novel coronavirus didn’t discriminate in spreading its misery around the globe, like their public counterparts, golfers at private clubs found solace and a means of escape in the game. While a number of clubs were forced to take precautionary measures, including prohibiting outside play, creating separate dining areas to insure social distancing, or even moving tee times up to be able to accommodate more players, the overall effect was largely positive.

“The same things that made golf feel out-of-step with the pace of modern society a few years ago have made it feel in step today,” said Tom Ferrell of Colorado Golf Club. “Some changes—a decrease in business travel, the loosening of proscribed office time and an emphasis on outdoor activities that friends and family can enjoy safely—mean that the game and club business will grow over the next several years.”

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Snowmass Club

Indeed, now that the calendar has turned to a new year, and with it the hope that the pandemic will be arrested, facilities are anticipating finding their new, better normal in quick order. For some places, that can be as simple as adding golf simulators or hovercraft-like golf boards to the mix as a way of upping the fun. For others, like The Country Club at Castle Pines, that means moving forward with a multimillion dollar expansion program. After the horror that was 2020, all will surely be welcomed.


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