World record for most rounds of golf set in Denver

Milestone reached but quest not over yet

Photo by Jim Bebbington

by Jim Bebbington

Patrick Koenig, a golf course photographer by trade, was playing a ton of golf a few years ago. Like, a ton – nearly 400 rounds.

That is when a partner proposed that he try for a world-record: how many rounds of golf can one person play in a year.

Tuesday at the Omni Interlocken Golf Club in Broomfield, Koenig set the record. With his final putt Tuesday he had played 450 rounds since Jan. 3 and he was doused with water balloons from family and friends in celebration.

Koenig’s effort was supported by a special motorhome that has been his home for the year. He has been in Colorado all week playing Commonground, Ballyneal and other courses leading up to Tuesday’s record-setting round.

In addition to raising money through donations for the First Tee organizations of Seattle and the cities where he has been hosted, Koenig, 43, said he hopes people take some inspiration from his efforts.

“I want them going and play golf and to celebrate the game, enjoy the good things about it,” he said from the top of his motorhome, which does double-duty as a driving range when he visits courses. “You know, take a moment to realize how awesome this is. The places and the people that we we get to encounter (through the game.)”

Photo by Jim Bebbington

“How lucky are we to get to play golf on a day like today with a lot of stuff going around the world right now and we’re out here standing on top of an RV, getting set to break a world record? Pretty fortunate, you know. So go out and enjoy the great places in golf that America has, and hopefully I’ve been able to shine a light on some of the people and the places.”

He is planning to keep going now, and will top more than 500 rounds by the end of the year.

Koenig celebrates after finishing the 18th hole at Omni Interlocken Resort Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Photo by Mike Shriner/RSVLTS

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