Vokey Adds Low-Bounce K Grind to SM10 Line-up

With 8˚ less bounce than the original Vokey K Grind, the low-bounce option will be perfect for firm lies

By Tony Dear

Last week, we ran an article listing the best wedges we’d seen so far in 2024, and, not surprisingly, Vokey’s SM10 was included. The Center of Gravity in the SM10, released earlier this year, was moved up and forward for the 54˚-62˚ clubs causing shots with a lower trajectory that makes them easier to control. The more forward CG helps players square the face at impact. The Spin Milled grooves, meanwhile, generate greater short-game spin.

This week, Vokey announced the addition of the low-bounce K Grind to the line-up which includes the F, M, S, D, and T Grinds.
Grinds, of course, are the various sole shapes manufacturers create to help players be more creative and consistent from certain lies.

The K Grind shape has been available with 14˚ of bounce making it well-suited to players with steep swings. The addition of the 6˚ bounce will be ideal for shallower swings and the tight lies the game’s top professionals encounter every week on courses that are set up to play firm and fast.

A club with a high bounce is great in fluffy sand and when hitting off soft, lush turf but, on the firmer fairways of the PGA Tour and major championships, too much bounce can cause the bottom of the club to rise too quickly off the ground causing the leading edge to make contact with the ball. That, of course, leads to the thinned/skulled shot that whizzes uncontrollably across the green.
The low-bounce K Grind, says Vokey, will give players the versatility required to open the face and hit higher, softer shots off tight lies around the green while offering forgiveness out of the bunker due to the grind’s sole width.

The company’s gap, sand, and lob wedges make up more than half the number of wedges used on the PGA Tour, and the feedback they receive from players helps Vokey and Dill constantly reassess what golfers need in their wedges.  

“Several players preferred the K grind sole but were seeking a lower bounce version,” says Vokey. “So we crafted a sole with 6 degrees of effective bounce while maintaining the wide camber that makes the K design so effective for a wide variety of players. As soon as we brought it out on tour, it was immediately accepted and in the bags of multiple players.”

Players who quickly added the K Grind to their bags included the LPGA Tour’s Danielle Kang, the DPWT’s Robert MacIntyre, and the PGA Tour’s Bud Cauley.

SM10 wedge low-bounce K Grind
Lofts – 58˚ and 60˚

Shafts – True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
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