TaylorMade’s Latest Putter Line Brings Stability and Forgiveness

The new OS and OS CB putters will dramatically reduce the effect of imperfect strikes.

Putters aren’t really TaylorMade’s thing. No, let me rephrase that: Putters aren’t the first product category you think of when someone mentions TaylorMade.

The Carlsbad, CA-based company has obviously built its fame, brand and fortune over the last 37 years on its succession of high-tech, high-performing drivers. It has come out with several great iron sets too, and has become a significant player in the golf ball market since launching its first ball in 1999.

But its putters never attract the same attention as its other products.

It's not that they're inferior in any way. The Daddy Long Legs, Ghost Spider and a number of its other models have all found success on major pro tours and at golf retailers, and its new line will likely forge a similarly good reputation based on their increased Moment of Inertia and, consequently, their increased level of forgiveness.

The OS (OverSized) and OS CB (OverSized Counter-Balanced) Putters each come in three styles (left to right): Monte Carlo Mallet, Daytona Blade and a newly-designed Spider Mallet featuring square trailing weight pads and a newly styled front blade.

Any putter whose face/head is larger than standard and has heel/toe weighting will have a greater Moment of Inertia (MoI), and the counter-balanced models will provide even greater stability. (As you might already know, counter-balanced putters have heavier heads and a weight in the butt-end of the club above the hands.)

The three models also have three distinct toe-hang angles—the angle at which the face fans open when the putter is held at the very top and allowed to dangle. The Daytona hangs at 36°, the Monte Carlo at 20° and the Spider is face-balanced and therefore has no toe-hang.

A raised, red alignment line makes aligning the putterhead a little easier than with previous TaylorMade models, and a deep-milled aluminum insert, milled vertically to reduce backspin, enhances the putters’ feel and promotes a true, smooth roll.

The Daytona and Monte Carlo models feature skim-milled surfaces (a small amount of unwanted material is removed which reduces time, labor and therefore costs) that TaylorMade says deliver “true edges and sharp lines for an even more premium look, feel and finish.”

Clay Long, TaylorMade’s Director of Putter Product Creation, says the OS and OS CB putters continue TaylorMade’s mission of helping to make you play better golf. “With the OS putters, we’ve combined thin-wall casting technology with a high-contrast sight line for improved alignment in a more stable offering. I’m confident these putters will help golfers make more putts.”

The OS and OS CB line will be available March 18th. The OS has an MSRP of $219, the OS CB $249.

OS putters come in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths with a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip, while you can choose between 34.5”, 36” and 38” with the OS CB which comes with a 13.75” SuperStroke 2.0 XL-R 130g counterbalance grip.



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