Batter Up!

David Leadbetter

Spring is in the air and so is the start of the baseball season. But how does baseball help with your golf swing? David Leadbetter explains how to feel the shape of your golf swing using a batting technique.

17 for ’17, Cont.

To become a great short putter, you need to commit to your intended line, aim the ball on your intended line and start the ball on your intended line. And what better way to see that line than with a taut piece of string?

Top 5 Golf Practice Tips For 2017

Top 5 Golf Practice Tips for 2017

The summer sun will soon be here but there is still plenty of time to hone your skills in 2017. In the video below, PGA Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward share their top 5 practice tips: 10 shots – Two targets, ten yards apart, and practice hitting between the targets. The goal should be … Read more