Sink More Putts with These Easy Tips From Pyramid Putters!

What if there was a way for you to immediately sink more putts? A way that allowed you to hit the “sweet spot” of the putter every time…Doubling and even tripling your ability to putt?

Well, that’s exactly what our club designers have done using the “Gear Effect”!

Here’s THE PYRAMID PUTTER in detail:

Sweet Spot Milling

No Skidding or Bouncing…
When you hit the center of the face on THE PYRAMID PUTTER, the horizontal grooves give the ball topspin. This means your ball will not skid or bounce offline… and this keeps it tracking toward the hole. This also helps with speed control because a consistent roll gives you a consistent speed.
Pyramid Putters

Toe Milling

No More Pushed Putts…
Hit a putt with a ‘typical’ putter and you will usually push the putt. But the special toe milling on THE PYRAMID PUTTER keeps the ball tracking on the intended line.
Pyramid Putters

Heel Milling

No More Pulled Putts…
Hit the ball on the heel of the traditional putter and you will pull the putt. However, the milling on THE PYRAMID PUTTER keeps putts hit toward the heel moving straight.

Pyramid Putters

Real Golfers…Real Results From THE PYRAMID PUTTER!

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