Shot Scope Scores Again


Shot Scope Pro LX

The Scottish company continues to impress with another series of great value, tech-laden shot measuring/tracking devices.

By Tony Dear

Months before its August 1995 release date, the Usual movie Suspects’, starring Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, and Chazz Palminteri, came up before the adjudicators at the Classification and Ratings Administration, the independent panel established to help parents decide which movies were appropriate for their children (totally inappropriate in the case of ‘Usual Suspects). Along with the expected ‘R’ rating, the panel sent the movie back to the producers with a hand-written note saying how much they had enjoyed it and how good it was. Forgive the lengthy intro, but that sums up how Colorado AvidGolfer feels every time Shot Scope sends us something new.

Two years ago, the V3 GPS watch won a nod of approval. With a severe amount of tech squeezed into its compact and elegant frame and its remarkable performance capabilities, it earned every one of the positive reviews golf publications gave. Without revealing what they were, Shot Scope’s Chief Commercial Officer Gavin Dear (no relation), a former Walker Cup player who had attempted a pro career before deciding the tech business was more his style, told us the Edinburgh, Scotland-based company would not be resting on its V3 laurels and had more hardware products in the pipeline. The attractively-priced, hi-tech Pro L1 laser rangefinder debuted in 2021. It was one of the products Dear (honestly, no relation) was alluding to, while the handheld H4 GPS and Shot-Tracking unit, Pro LX, and Pro LX+ must also have been on the Shot Scope drawing.

Briefly, the H4 is a powerful GPS unit that gives accurate measurements to the Front, Middle and Back of the green in meters or yards, tells the time, and, with the help of 16 tags that screw into the end of your club, provides shot-tracking through the free, no subscription Shot Scope app that gives you an incredible range of stats (100+) to help you improve your game.

While the PRO LX is a well-priced laser rangefinder much like its predecessor – the PRO L1, the new product does feature a few upgrades worth mentioning: Rapid-Fire Detection, which gives you an accurate measurement of the pin slightly quicker; 7x magnification instead of 6; a range of 900 yards compared with 875; and a new shape featuring a comfort stability grip designed to make the device easier to hold and operate. The choice of red or black dual optics, Target-Lock Vibration, Adaptive Slope Technology, water resistance, adjustable eye-piece, and replaceable CR123 battery were all features of the PRO-L1 are present on the PRO-LX too. The Mode button on top of the device allows you to choose between Golf and Continuous Scan. ‘Golf’ gives you the pin-point reading to the flag with the Target-Lock Vibration, while ‘Scan’ will enable you to move about and get constantly updated distances by holding the Power button down.

The PRO LX+, the product we’re here for, is the combination of a rangefinder, GPS, and shot-tracking, giving you possibly the most advanced on-course distance-measurement device available. There are 36,000 courses pre-loaded into the GPS unit, the rangefinder is accurate to within a yard, the battery lasts 15 hours, a carabiner lets you grip the device to your golf bag or belt, it comes in a water-resistant carry case, there are three color options, and you can sync your round using Bluetooth meaning you don’t need your phone with you as you play but can download all your shots to the app after the round.

The list of features on the rangefinder and GPS/Shot-Tracking units is pretty long. Combine the two, and you have one powerful device.

H4 – $150; Black only.
Pro LX – $250; Grey/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black
Pro LX+ – $350; Grey/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black
(The PRO L1 is now available on the Shot Scope website for $170)
Available now

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