Ravenna Breaks Ground on New Clubhouse

“Paradiso” is set to be a jewel box on the Platte

Having endured the slings and arrows of an outrageous economy, the seven-year-old Club at Ravenna last month broke ground on the first phase of its long-awaited clubhouse. Although the club initially planned to have 225 members before starting construction, club developer Glenn Jacks was “so excited about what this clubhouse will add to our beautiful community and golf course, we simply couldn’t wait.” Jacks engaged Centennial-based residential architect Bill Wunderlich to design the 25,000-square-foot structure. Called “Paradiso,” this jewel box of a structure will feel more like a cozy home than a cavernous cathedral. “The intent isn’t so much to impress people,” Wunderlich says, “but to embrace them and enhance their lifestyle.”

To that end, Paradiso will not focus exclusively on golfers and men’s grille habitués, but rather on the multidimensional lives of members and their families. Plans call for a full-service spa featuring massages, steam room and sauna; a fitness center that’s a hub for nutrition, personal training yoga and exercise classes; a restaurant with a display kitchen; tennis courts, a kids pool and lap pool; and multiple terraces from which to view the stunning red-rock landscape surrounding the award-winning Jay Morrish-designed golf course.

To appoint the exquisitely detailed, intimate interior spaces, Jacks brought on Ann Motokane of Emiko Design, whose vision is “tasteful and understated, a backdrop for members and a place to let them shine.”

Jacks seconds that emotion. “The success of the club and clubhouse will come from hearing the laughter of members sharing a story, a great meal or bottle of wine from their own cellar,” he says. “The promise of Ravenna has always been to help its members live life deeply and well, and this clubhouse continues that promise.”

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