Kickstarter Brings Great Products to Golfers

4 Sensational Golf Projects That Received Funding This Year

If you’re not running with the Callaways, PINGs and Nikes of the world, how do you bring an idea to life? Kickstarter is all about spotlighting out-of-the-box thinking and bringing to light ingenious products and services that otherwise might not have a chance to succeed.

Earlier this year we wrote about DV8 Sports’ adjustable-length golf clubs (pictured above) and the GolfBoard (pictured below), two amazing products that received critical startup funding through Kickstarter, the online support system that continues to help launch over 76,000 creative projects with more than $1 billion in funding.

Before we say hello to 2015, we wanted to celebrate some of this year’s big-money attention grabbers. Here are a few golf-related projects that were funded this year.

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1. The Navigator: This old-school (non-electronic) training aid fits the shaft of any putter and is designed to help a left- or right-handed golfer groove a perfectly aligned stroke. “You’d be surprised how often golfers are unaware of exactly where the putter face is aimed,” reads the product’s promotion page. “How can you roll in birdies if when you think you’re square, you’re actually two or three degrees off?” The Navigator reached its fully funded $34,000 goal in March.

2. The Grenade: Crafted by BombTech Golf in New Hampshire, this 9-degree driver offers a dual cavity design that, according to the manufacturer, outperforms every premium club on the market. The Grenade is USGA compliant and comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Project reached its fully funded $14,000 goal in October.

3. Aeroe GolfPod: If you’re craving to upgrade your fabric or faux-leather golf bag, take a look at this new hard shell carrier from New Zealand-based Aeroe. Not for carry bag enthusiasts, the GolfPod is specifically designed for golfers who enjoy riding powered golf carts or using a push/pull carrier. Following a round, the thermoformed ABS hardshell doubles as a proven club-protecting casing for airline travel, and it can mount securely to any standard car rack. Project is nearing its fully funded goal of $75,000.

4. The Founders: Golf history buffs will cherish this film about 13 women who in 1950 “defied convention and transformed the game of golf with the creation of the LPGA.” In a story largely untold, The Founders reveals personal and collective sacrifices that paved the way for today’s superstars on the LPGA Tour. Project reached its fully funded $9,500 goal in January.


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