Is a Better Swing a Click Away?

The simplicity of the Swingclick device makes it uniquely effective

When John Novosel introduced his revolutionary Tour Tempo system in 2004, it was quickly, and rightly, judged one of the greatest golf training aids ever devised.

Novosel, a former film editor, had noticed while editing film of three-time major champion Jan Stephenson’s swing that she, and likewise all the other professionals he consequently studied, took three times as long to complete the backswing as the downswing.

This strict 3:1 ratio was common to all top golfers, and to help us amateurs establish the same tempo, we listened to Tour Tempo CDs with a series of notes coinciding with the start of the backswing, the top of the backswing, and impact. The results were very impressive, with reports coming in of golfers increasing their clubhead speed by as much as 15 mph within an hour of starting.

At the PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year, a product was launched that worked on a similar principal of giving the golfer an audible cue to begin his transition from backswing to downswing. Swingclick, invented by South African professional Guim Vosloo and later recognized by attendees of the International Network of Golf (ING) Spring Conference as one of the best new products of the year, has been validated by one prominent instructor/coach who calls it the “best swing aid that’s ever been made.”

Gary Gilchrist, a Golf Digest Top 50 teacher, owner of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy half an hour northwest of Orlando, FL. and a former Sunshine Tour player, added that Swingclick provided the best practical feedback he’d seen from a swing aid. “I have a drill where my students pause at the top so that they can feel the position of the top of their backswing,” he continued. “Now they can use Swingclick to give them the audio feedback for this drill.”

Swingclick, like all the best swing trainers, is fairly unobtrusive, and incredibly simple to use. Just strap it on your left forearm (right-handers), and swing the club normally. At the top of the backswing, the metal rod becomes more or less vertical and gravity pushes the metal cylinder down. It clicks when it reaches the plastic stopper at the end. This is your cue to begin the downswing.

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is failing to complete the backswing, caused by an incontrollable urge to hit the ball. Your sequencing malfunctions and you lose all rhythm. The results are rarely any good.
Swingclick will help you complete the backswing and, after just a few minutes’ use, generate better rhythm and tempo.

You’re not so much swinging slower as transitioning from backswing to downswing at the right moment. By doing so, you’re creating greater clubhead speed by swinging within yourself, achieving proper sequencing, and maintaining good balance.

You should soon see improvement in your distance, accuracy, balance and consistency as you groove the tempo you need to play your best golf.



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