GOLFTEC: The Business Card Drill for Solid Contact

Business Card Drill

Try this indoor drill to make better contact!

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Does your golf game suffer from inconsistent contact? Perhaps you take divots well behind the ball, causing you to hit shots fat or heavy, coming up well short of your target? Then you’re left with that dreaded chunky feel in your swing that just drains your confidence for the rest of the round?Business Card Drill

At GolfTEC, we know inconsistent ball striking can be frustrating—it’s one of the top 3 reasons why students come to us for lessons. We also know the offseason is a great time to fine-tune certain aspects of your game. There is no better place to start than developing consistency with your ball striking to increase distance and improve accuracy with your approach shots. Doug Strawbridge, Regional Manager and Director of Instruction at GolfTEC Upper Kirby, offers the Business Card Drill to bring us back to the true fundamentals of the game: how to strike the golf ball first to generate proper ball contact and impact position.

Work on this drill and you’ll be striking the ball consistently in time for your best golf season yet!

VIDEO: The Business Card Drill for Solid Contact


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