GOLFTEC: Hit Better Approach Shots: The Ball Forward Drill

Approach Shots

Hit better approach shots with this simple drill.

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Have you ever stepped on the tee of your favorite par 3 with confidence and a perfect visualization of the shot you want to play only to hit your common miss, a chunk, and come up 30 yards short? Maybe you’ve had a shot from the middle of the fairway and missed the green on your approach because you forgot to shift your weight forward, pushing the ball short and right as you hit it heavy? Well don’t worry, you are not alone. More solid and consistent contact with approach shots and par 3 tee shots is a common goal for many amateur golfers.

Previously, we looked at the Business Card Drill to give you both visual and audio cues for achieving that consistent “ball first” contact. Today we are taking a different approach with the Ball Forward Drill. This drill is designed to help you achieve two consistent actions in your golf swing:

  1. Enhance your ability to shift your weight forward, or toward the target, in the downswing
  2. Create a more downward strike of the club onto the ball for shots played off the ground


The goal of the Ball Forward Drill is to create more solid contact and compression of the ball which will allow a player to gain distance and learn to create and control spin. Enjoy the video of the drill below:

VIDEO: Hit Better Approach Shots: The Ball Forward Drill


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