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Great Drill That Will Have You Chipping With Your Body

By Ryan Gager

Ashley demonstrating a common flaw in chipping, using only your hands and not rotating through the shot. Courtesy GOLFTEC

Saving shots during rounds starts with the short game. How many times are you close to the green with a chance to get up-and-down for par, only to thin, top, or chunk your chip shot and leave the hole with bogey…or worse? Great chipping starts with NOT trying to help the ball into the air with your hands.

GOLFTEC Cincinnati Coach Ashley Thomas was recently featured on as she helps her Student with a basic approach to chipping.

A common flaw in chipping is that many Students use their hands too much for short pitches and chips, which causes inconsistent contact.

Ashley’s Student improves his numbers on OptiMotion by rotating through the chip and keeping his hands in line with his arms. Courtesy GOLFTEC

Instead, Ashley teaches to use your body to rotate through the shot. A great drill to help you do this is to hold an alignment stick, along with the grip of the club, up past your body. When you take a swing, the alignment stick forces you to rotate your body to complete the swing.

Check out the video above for Ashley’s complete chipping drill, and be sure to read the full article here.

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