Get Dad Something He Actually Wants

Father’s Day Gift Guides have appeared in golf publications ever since your dad was hitting his persimmon bombs.

The first one may even have been published a generation before that when your father’s father had kilties on his shoes. While many are quite useful, proposing gifts that a good many fathers would actually appreciate, some are utterly mystifying as they either include items that cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars or products that are so obscure, random, unnecessary, or just plain useless they make you wonder whose father might actually benefit from them. The Colorado AvidGolfer gift guide is always made up of things we’ve seen, tested, played and/or consumed and which we think your dad might actually want. How do I know the following half-dozen products fit the criteria? I’ve been dropping hints – some subtle, some…er…crude, for a while. We know there’s only a few days before the big day, so we’ve gone for items we think you’ll be able to find easily enough. You can pick up most of these at the pro shop where dad plays, a PGA Tour Superstore, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy or, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, your couch.

Under Armour Men’s Tech Polo

Okay, most of the models you see online wearing the UA Men’s Tech Polo probably aren’t fathers, yet. But it’s one of those rare garments that everyone looks better in. The textured fabric is soft, light and breathable, and the three-button placket and self-fabric collar are stylish without being excessive. Thirty colors to choose from.


A Course Called America

Those that have read ‘A Course Called Ireland’, ‘A Course Called Scotland’ or, indeed, any of Coyne’s previous books will tell you his latest adventure fits very easily into the ‘must-read’ category. Coyne combines considerable research, genuinely unique experience, well-timed humor, and the ability to find/tell meaningful and enduring stories in the unlikeliest of places to craft a classic. We all love the ‘Best course in Ireland/Scotland/USA? discussion his books provoke, well, the ‘Best golf odyssey book by Tom Coyne?’ is another great debate.


Shot Scope Pro L1 The Pro L1

launched earlier this year at $200. Considering the number of features which included Target-Lock Vibration and Adaptive Slope Technology, its magnification capability (x6), range (875 yards), accuracy (to 0.1 yard), water-resistance, and the fact that though it may have looked like a budget model it really performed much like much more expensive rangefinders, it was a terrific value. Six months on, its new price is even more attractive.


Oakley Portal X Sunglasses

Here’s the techy bit – Oakley’s Portal X combines Impact Protection Technology for durability with Prizm

Lens Technology which is designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail. Here’s the less techy bit – they look cool.


Dozen Titleist Pro-V1

It would be enough to say you really can’t go wrong, but let us name some of the ways a dozen new Pro-V1s will make Dad smile. The larger, lower-compression 2.0 ZG Process core, new for 2021, makes it longer than previous Pro-V1s. The new, spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design gives it a slightly more penetrating trajectory than previous Pro-V1s. And the new, softer elastomer cover makes the 2021 easier to spin and control than previous Pro-V1s.


Dunning Player Fit Woven Golf Shorts

Innovative Lycra Technology gives these shorts just the right amount of stretch. CoolMax Technology makes them lightweight and breathable. Single-needle tailoring. High-quality details. Ten-inch inseam. Ten colors from which to choose.


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