Bobby Grace’s HSM2 Putters

HSMis the name of the groundbreaking technology employed by putter expert Bobby Grace.

Don’t break out your periodic table. The letters in this apparently complex chemical compound actually stand for “Hole Seeking Material Squared.”

But make no mistake. The science behind Grace’s innovation is highly evolved.  

Grace’s latest model further refines the original HSM putter he debuted four years ago. That putter featured an insert that allowed golfers to miss the sweet spot without any loss of distance.

It achieved this forgiveness by co-molding proprietary polymers with different amounts of energy return. The higher rebounding ones sit away from the center or sweet spot.

Grace’s new and improved model is even more forgiving than its predecessor. Not only do off-center hits travel the same distance as purely-struck ones; they hold their line, thanks to a zero-degree loft and radial face that imparts forward roll, virtually eliminating the backspin or skidding that occurs immediately after impact with most putter faces.

The Florida-based putter-maker recently let customers demo the HSM2  at Centennial’s PGA Tour Superstore, where even putts hit off the heel and toe had the buttery feel and rail-riding roll of putts hit on the sweet spot.

Grace's new models all incorporate the HSM2 technology. While not everyone at the demo was willing to part with the $275 for one of his Fat Lady or AMG models, the experience was more than enough for many to reconsider their “money makers” before the season begins.

Here is a video demonstration of Grace’s technology.

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