Bag Check: Wilson Staff to Release Three New Models

2015 line caters specifically to Riders and to Walkers

Sometimes it’s not so much what’s in the golf bag as much as the bag itself. Last week Wilson Staff announced three dynamic new club carriers designed to turn heads as well as appeal to avid golfers.

At the forefront is the new Nexus Cart bag (pictured below, $200 retail), a next-generation product that mimics many of the club-protecting characteristics of Wilson Staff’s award-winning Nexus Carry bag. Among its key design features is “exo-frame technology,” comprised of exterior heat-treated aluminum connectors that protect the integrity and durability of the bag.

“These external connectors are lighter in mass than what makes up the interior construction of other cart bags,” explained product spokesperson Jean-Pierre Degembe. “Using these as the foundation of support has decreased the bag’s overall weight to just five pounds. Meanwhile, their slight curve helps to provide a stronger, more rigid structure.”

Adding to the Nexus Cart’s club-protection armory is a new topside S-Lock component (pictured top) that will fasten all 14 clubs into separate rubberized placeholders. No more irritating rattling, shaking or blemished graphite shafts.

Wilson Staff also created the Cart Plus (pictured below, $150), a 6.4-pound bag that serves well for riders but is designed especially for golfers who prefer the simplicity of a trolley or pull-cart. The all-new product offers lots of storage for tees, balls and foul-weather apparel, and is complemented with oversized lift handles, club dividers and an inventive bottom-side component that marries the bag and trolley to better secure equipment against bumpy and uneven terrain.

Also, the Chicago-based company will soon offer the new Ionix Light ($130), a 4.4-pound bag that caters specifically to players who enjoy the traditions and exercise benefits of carrying their own equipment. Although very lightweight, Wilson Staff pumped the Ionix Light with a bevy of features including a quick-activating stand, four-point ergonomic double strap, five club dividers, and five pockets for accessories, garments and storage.

Starting next week, all three bags will be available in a variety of head-turning colors at better golf retailers and online at


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