2019 #GetGolfFit: Hip Stability Airplanes

Hip Stability Airplanes is a balance exercise designed to create overall stability and balance in your golf motion.

Class-A PGA Professional and former NFL player Jason Witczak of The Club at Pradera and Pinery Country Club and Elizabeth Martin are here to introduce you to an exercise that will give help you create balance and a strong foundation in your golf swing.

You will need a mat and a small foam roller, or something that you can place on the ground as the focal point of your upper-body movements, to execute this exercise. Place the foam roller (or the object that is acting in place of the foam roller) vertically on the front of the mat and stand facing it.

You’ll begin by balancing on one slightly-bent leg, and lifting your other leg off the ground slightly. Then, lean forward as far as you can without losing your balance but not so far that your back is past parallel to the ground.

Now, put both arms straight out in order to create a “T” with your upper body. At this point, rotate one arm down to the foam roller on the ground until you can touch it lightly, and then return to the airplane position. Alternate touching the foam roller with each arm.

For the next set, switch the leg that you are balancing on.

Critical to this exercise is making sure that your arms stay completely extended throughout each set, that your back remains flat and that you keep your attention on your balance.

The set and repetition amounts will vary based on the golfer, but four sets of 10 reps is a great place to start. Each time you touch the foam roller, you should count one rep.

Continuous use of this exercise will significantly improve your balance and give you a stronger and more reliable base from which to swing the golf club. Golf aside, improving stability and balance can be useful in a plethora of daily activities.

What you’ll need:

  • Small foam roller/object to use as a focal point for your movments
  • Mat

How to do it:

  • Balance on one leg
  • Lean over as far as you can
  • Fully extend both arms creating a “T” with your upper body
  • Maintain the “T” position while rotating one arm at a time towards the ground and touch the foam roller gently
  • Do the same with your other arm

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