Understanding Wrist Bends In Your Golf Swing

Not Just A Tip, But The Cure For More Consistency!

by Ryan Gager

In this edition of Fix My Fault, Ty Walker our Colorado Regional Manager and GOLFTEC Coach demonstrates wrist bends and how to use those bends properly to hit great golf shots. Bending your wrists the wrong way at the wrong time can lead to some serious issues on the course. Check out the video for what Ty calls not just a golf tip, but the cure to finding more consistency.

How Do My Wrist Bends Affect My Golf Swing?

Using your wrist like a fishtail and flipping it early in your swing is a common flaw.
Courtesy GOLFTEC

Ty says that the number one question he gets from Students is, how can I have a more consistent swing? Everyone wants consistency in their golf game and, of course, a tip to help them achieve it.

According to Ty, it comes down to your wrists, and understanding their function can help you play better golf.

Wrists work in three different ways. As a fishtail, a karate chop or like a screwdriver. The most common problem Ty sees in golf is when a golfer flips their wrist early (like a fish tale) and tries to help the ball into the air.

The Cure For More Consistency

Start slow and try these two tips to help with your wrist bends and find more consistency.
Courtesy GOLFTEC

To maintain proper wrist bends through impact, you have to start slow. It’s a process we take all Students through at GOLFTEC.

First, you want to practice getting into the backward K position at impact. To do this, imitate impact without hitting a ball, stop at this position and take note of your wrist position.

The next step is to introduce a ball and hit half-swing punch shots, again ensuring your wrists don’t flip at impact. The shot should fly low and your follow-through shouldn’t go above your shoulders.

For great tips like this and more, visit your nearest GOLFTEC and get started with a local Coach. They will have you making the proper wrist bends in your swing to help you make more consistent contact, which will help you play your best golf!

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