Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth May Surprise You

Tiger Woods Net Worth May Surprise You

Golf is a game of passion and tradition, but it is also a game of money–money to be made. Tiger Woods remains at the top of that money game. So what is Tiger Woods Net Worth? A recent article by Forbes magazine came out that highlights his sponsorships, endorsements, and winnings. The article, titled Tiger Woods Is Back On Top Of The World's Highest-Paid Athletes, ranks Tiger Woods as the highest earnest athlete IN THE WORLD.

Sources estimate that Tiger Woods Net Worth is between $500-$600 Million, and his 2013 Salary?* How about a cold $78.1 Million in 2013. Tiger Woods' 2013 salary made him the top paid athlete in 2013, and the #15 highest-paid “Celebrity” in 2013.

We took the liberty to break down Tiger Woods Net Worth by a few interesting factors. At the time of this post, assuming his net worth is $550M, here is Tiger Woods net worth broken down by:

1. PGA Tour Win: 114 Wins

Including The World Cup, The Ryder Cup, and the President Cup events, Tiger Woods has won a total of 114 PGA Tour Events (according to the PGA).  Per win, Tiger makes approximately $4,824,561.

2. PGA Tour Win, Rounds: 2,052 Rounds

Assuming 4 rounds per tournament (which isn't always the case, but for the sake of estimation), Tiger Woods net worth by golf round is $1,206,140.

3. PGA Tour Win, Holes: 36,936 Holes

Assuming 18 holes per round, Tiger Woods makes approximately $14,890 per hole in tournaments that he has won.

4. Height: 6'1″

Every inch of Tiger Woods body is worth $7,534,247 or $92,000,000 per foot.

5. Weight: 185 lbs.

Every pound of Tiger Woods is technically worth $2,972,972.

6. Age: 37

Tiger Woods has made an average of $14,864,864/ year since he was born.


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image credit: Wikimedia