Start Your Putts On Line

Hannah Gregg Demonstrates Her Favorite Drills for Rolling Great Putts

By Ryan Gager

How many times have you hit a putt that ends up nowhere near the cup only to wonder, “Where is that going?” You’ve come to the right place to fix that. In this edition of Fix My Fault, Hannah Gregg shows some of her favorite drills for getting the ball started on the right line, with the help of GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater.

The Importance of Start Line

Work on consistently rolling putts on your intended start line to help you read putts better. Courtesy Golftec

Hannah explains that start line is very important as it’s the only way to really know if you didn’t make a putt because of your read or because you didn’t hit the ball on your intended start line.

If you hit the putt right where you wanted to on your intended start line and it misses, the fix is rather easy. Simply adjust your read to play more or less break depending on where you usually miss putts. (Play more break if you miss on the low side, and vice versa, play less break if you miss putts on the high side.)

However, if you feel like you’re reading greens correctly, but still missing, your problem is most likely not hitting putts on your start line.

Three Drills to Improve Start Direction

Use a gate or tees to hit through on the practice green to test your green reading skills. Courtesy Golftec
  1. Place three dots in front of your ball. Each dot should be spaced out a foot apart. Continue practicing until you can roll your putt over all three dots. Then you know your putt is started on line for the first three feet.
  2. Another drill is to place a gate (or two tees to make a gate) 12 to 14 inches in front of your ball. When you can repeatedly get the ball rolling through the gate without touching either side you know you’re hitting your putts right where you want to. Also, be aware of which side of the gate you hit the most as it will show your tendency and allow you to correct that issue.
  3. The third drill is to use a long metal ruler or putting sword and have your putts roll off the very end each time. If your putts fall off either side, the ruler or sword will kick them farther off line making it easy to see where you are missing. When practicing, try to roll eight or nine putts out of 10 off the end of the ruler or sword, so aim high with your goals!
As with any of our drills, the main key is to practice, practice, practice! For more great tips like this and to learn about lesson packages we offer, visit your nearest GOLFTEC and talk with a local Coach. GOLFTEC Coaches will help you play your best golf, which includes helping you with your starting lines and making great putting strokes, so that you hole more putts like Hannah!

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