Invaluable Insoles from Protalus

The modern golf shoe is comfortable and extremely good at helping you remain balanced during the golf swing. Add a well-designed insole and, for many, that shoe becomes even better

By Tony Dear

You would never think so innocuous and seemingly inconsequential an item could have such a profound effect on your life – especially one that remains hidden for so much of the time. Those who have benefitted from a well-designed and comfortably-fitting insole, however, will tell you the difference they can make.

We’ve featured insoles on this page before and will tell you one looks much like any other – a thin flap of foam or synthetic plastic in the shape of a foot, though long-time users will tell you not all insoles are made the same.

Protalus, based in a suburb of Portland, OR., offers six models – a universal fit that performs well with any shoe whether you have flat feet or high arches and which is three-quarter length that fits over the shoe manufacturer’s existing insoles (T-75); a narrow-fit for slender shoes such as Vans or Converse (T-100); for hiking or work boots (M-100 Elite); for high-heels (H-75); for dress shoes (ET-75); and for the sort of casual sneakers/spikeless golf shoes we suspect many readers wear on and off the course (the best-selling T-100 Elite) which, together, have received over 80,000 verified five-star reviews.

Protalus T-100 Elite

A really good insole plays two very important roles. First, it makes walking, standing or whatever activity it is you’re engaged in feel more comfortable, meaning you can do it for longer than you might otherwise be able to. And second, it helps to correctly align your ankles, knees, and hips preventing you from having to make awkward compensatory movements and thus taking pressure off your joints – something you may or may not sense immediately but which will become apparent over time.

Because of its deep heelcut design, Protalus claims the T-100 Elite will improve your body’s alignment by up to 65%. It promises to increase shock absorption by 20% and reduce peak pressure on your joints by 8%. So while improvements might come gradually, imperceptibly even, a good insole will, in due course, have a positive impact on your gait, balance, flexibility, mobility, and posture. A reduction in muscle aches and soreness, and even relief from the pain caused by a tear in your plantar fascia tendon are also quite possible.

The T-100 Elite comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and Protalus says that, while competitors’ insoles typically last from four to six months, the T-100 Elite will need to be replaced after one year assuming normal use.

Sizes: Youth 3, 3.5, 4; Men 5.5-15; Women 4.5-12.5


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