Perfection, Thy Name Is Miura

With an iron as well-made as Miura’s CB57, you can always be sure it’s never the club’s fault.

Two weeks ago, we featured the superb, made-in-America ScottGolf forged irons and encouraged discerning readers who recognize quality craftsmanship to check them out.

The response suggested there are a number of Colorado golfers who appreciate the artistry and ingenuity that go into making such singular irons. Which has prompted us to reacquaint readers with the forged irons most often considered the finest in the world.

Katsuhiro Miura has been making his exquisite clubs since 1957. He works with his two sons in the company’s forge in the city of Himeji, 300 miles west of Tokyo. Together they build irons, wedges, and putters using a patented forging process that ensures uniform grain flow, and no voids, in the soft carbon steel the company uses.
Cb57 backs trio(1)

Miura has launched a number of top-quality clubs in its 58 years including the best-selling CB-501 which appeared in March 2010. On its way to becoming equally as popular, however, is the CB57, which Executive Vice-President of Product Strategies Bill Holowaty says possesses the gorgeous looks and feel of a forged blade with a mid-sized cavity and leading edge/sole design that make it relatively easy to get the ball airborne.

“For many years, Miura irons were perceived as clubs only for low-handicappers,” Holowaty adds. “As awareness of the brand continues to grow, however, our clubs are becoming appealing to many more types of golfer, including juniors and women – golfers who are ‘discovering perfection’.”

“Mr Miura has a saying in Japanese, which translates to ‘the good golfer will find me’,” Holowaty continues. “It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a good golfer to play Miura irons. It really means that if the Miura family continues to produce the best possible products, manufactured to the highest standards and tightest tolerances, golfers will eventually discover who Miura is and what it represents.”

The CB57’s cavity-back head features a typically narrow top-line, and a carefully-sized weight bar to provide both forgiveness from perimeter weighting and the solid feel of a blade from pure contact. The cavity certainly doesn’t hinder the forged look and feel of the club, while the weight bar keeps the center of gravity low, helping you to get the ball off the ground. The size of the weight bar changes from club to club positioning the CG appropriately for the club you’re hitting.

If you’re particular about the brands you wear out, drive in, stay at, work on and fly with, etc, then you might wear a Rolex, drive a BMW, sleep in a Four Seasons, use an Apple Mac, and fly NetJets. And you probably have, or should have, a set of Miuras.

The suggested retail price for the CB57 is $275 a club. They are available through official Miura dealers of which there are five in Colorado:  GottGolf in Denver, the D'Lance Golf Performance Center in Englewood, Custom Swing Golf in Boulder, Custom Swing Golf in Erie, and Accufit Golf Studio in Colorado Springs.

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