Oakley’s G30 Sunglasses Could Improve Your Game

Save Your Eyes and Lower Your Scores with This Quick Fix

Golfers love outdoor eyewear to complement their game, especially when it can actually enhance playing performance. Providing protection and long-term health to eyes are a given, yet many golfers fail to recognize that wearing high quality sunglasses will actually help lower scores.

Oakley has made an art of manufacturing and fitting sunglasses for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The company understands that high quality sunglasses enhance vision during different environmental conditions. And just like picking the right golf club, the company realizes that selecting the right pair of sunglasses can be a daunting task.

Oakley takes out the guesswork by utilizing new, motion-capture technology to record a customer’s specific measurements in a snap. Plus, Oakley easily accommodates prescriptions and offers millions of possible combinations of frames, ear socks, icons and colors to create a unique and custom look.

More importantly, Oakley products can actually help improve a golfer’s game with lens tints that improve judging distances between objects. For example, its golf-specific G30 product improves contrast and depth perception in blues and greens to help players analyze slopes and see small variations in grass grain.

To get your best golf fit, Oakley recommends the following tips:

  • Open-edge or semi-rimless lenses offer enhanced ventilation and are excellent for sport applications that require unobstructed downward vision;
  • Optically pure lens materials enhance optical performance, clarity and comfort;
  • Polarized lenses can reduce glare and improve clarity, however the application often is so overpowering that it’s like looking through Venetian blinds;
  • Lens tints like brown, copper, and rose enhance the wearer’s depth perception to more accurately judge distances between objects; 
  • Lens tints like amber, brown, and rose enhance the eye’s ability to recognize colors, which can help the wearer to avoid obstacles and to view course layouts.
  • Interchangeable lenses enhance vision during different environmental conditions.

The G30 and other sports-specific specs are available at all Oakley Stores, including the Cherry Creek Mall and Park Meadows Mall in Denver. To find a store near you, visit www.oakley.com.


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