GOLFTEC: Downswing Sequencing To Draw The Golf Ball

Downswing GOLFTEC Drill

One of the most common amateur challenges is not being able to stop the ball from slicing…

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As we recently discussed, you might be making solid contact but STILL slicing the ball. So what is a key factor contributing to this dilemma? Your downswing sequence plays a big role.

Downswing Sequence at GolfTECThe differences between professional and amateur golfers’ typical downswing are significant. The best players in the world start their downswing from the ground up, driving their knees, hips, chest, arms and club through the ball in that order. Many amateurs swing in reverse, starting the downswing with their club and arms, resulting in an outside-to-in club path holding the clubface open relative to the path.

As featured on the Golf Channel, Doug Strawbridge, Regional Manager and Director of Instruction at GolfTEC Upper Kirby, illustrates these key downswing differences and offers this drill to help you swing to the right and improve your downswing to hit that coveted push-draw in the video below:

See this in Action: Instructional Video


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